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DirecTV February 2K11 Price Hike

Gee, didn't the same thing happen last year? Yep. Here's the new pricing.

We're still on the old "Total Choice Plus" at $61.49. We pay $10 for HD access, $7 for DVR, and $3 for Whole-Home DVR service. We pay $5 each for a Leased receiver and a Primary leased receiver. We're still getting a credit of $15 (24 months of free HD access and $5 for having a Primary Leased Receiver. Taxes are $4.22. Prior to the $15 discount and taxes, the bill is $91.49.

I'm fairly certain that if I could get the local channels, Golf Channel, and FSN I'd do it.

Anyway, new pricing says:

Total Choice Plus: $64.49 (+$3), receivers run $6 (+$1 apiece), and the rest remains the same… I think, for a hit of $5 additional. I don't know what "PLUS DVR" and "PLUS HD DVR" are, but they seem more expensive. I think they may have been plans that were available at one point between the "Total Choice" series and the current base packages.

Anyway, pffft. At least we saved some money switching to 1 Disc on Netflix.