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Compression Fittings, Quarter Turn Valves

When the plumber came and started the installation of our three new toilets, he left three quarter turn valves from Hodes Co with me to install later on.

I got brave, read up quickly on how to install compression fittings ((They seem like they could just slide right off the darn pipes! But they don't, so…)), and installed them today. Spiffy! Our old ones tended to leak very slowly when turned off, so these not only look shinier but they work really well, too, and they standardize our quarter-turn valves among the house's toilets.

Plumbing always seems like something you don't want to mess with, but if you shut the water off and don't twist your pipes too hard or something, there's very little you can't do. I'm becoming fairly well versed in basic home repairs. Our next big project may be to replace some countertops and the other matching parts on the smaller bathroom vanities…

One Response to "Compression Fittings, Quarter Turn Valves"

  1. Using PEX and Sharkbite fittings is even easier.