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The App Store is Here

The Mac App Store is here and I've downloaded Twitter (yay Tweetie 2.0! Boo that it doesn't do anything with the tweet: JavaScript!).

There seem to be three ways to handle the transition:

  1. Here's a decent way to handle it: charge customers for the next version now at a discount. If they want to get their apps through the App Store (in turn helping you to become a higher rated developer), great.
  2. Let the customers decide what they want to do, largely because you're unsure yourself, and see where things shake out.
  3. Go back on your word and lie to your customers, angering them and immediately causing irreparable harm to your brand and company.

In my case, with the software we're going to be releasing towards the end of the month, we're doing nothing. We're going to use our existing channel because the software will eventually be $50 and $500, and $15 and $150 is too big a cut for what Apple's going to do, particularly given that there are no coupon codes, no customer data, etc.

2 Responses to "The App Store is Here"

  1. What's the plans with your apps ?

  2. [quote comment="66069"]What's the plans with your apps ?[/quote]

    Our Cynical Peak apps?

    Scorecard is cross platform, so there's little to be done there. The decision is made for us.

    Cyndicate is being re-done and will sell in the App Store at some point, likely as ad-supported.

    And... that's it as far as Cynical Peak stuff goes.