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Setting up FastSpring with a Custom AquaticPrime Generator – ARRRGGGHHH!!!

I've spent a few hours now banging my head against my desk and I'm no closer to figuring this out than I was at the beginning of the day.

FastSpring's documentation (both versions) is horrible, but it's not outdone by AquaticPrime's documentation.

FastSpring can run a version of AquaticPrime on its developer site. Unfortunately, I doubt it can do two things which I'd like to do:

  1. I'd like to encode the AquaticPrime license file as a data stream and link to it in the email with analyzr://<bytestream> so that users can click on it to apply the license to their application. I've heard that several email apps don't handle the AquaticPrime license files very well.
  2. I want to include Name, Email, # Licenses, Version, Created, Expires (for expiring licenses), and a specific randomly generated string in the file.

I'm fairly certain that I can't do those on the FastSpring-operated AquaticPrime. Which means I'll have to do HTTP Post, which means I'll have to figure out all of this stuff on my own.

And this is where the incredibly weak documentation walks up to you and delivers a swift kick to the groin.

Anyone who has done either of these things before care to lend a hand? Share some tips?