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Where are the New MacBooks?

I know at least four people who are waiting on the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros to be announced and released.

They're not in a rush - they just don't want to buy a computer and have it replaced by a better computer at the same or even a lower price a week or two later… so the old adage about "if you always wait, you'll never buy" doesn't really apply to them.

I've checked their life cycle. The MacBook is over 240 days old when the average is 195 and the MacBook Pro is at nearly 280 when the average is 208.

My last post on this was November 14.

It's somewhat more relevant to me now because we'll be shipping Analyzr soon and Pros will be switching to Macs. I would hope they aren't put in the same position of feeling screwed by a better, cheaper replacement a week after buying.

3 Responses to "Where are the New MacBooks?"

  1. Maybe when 10.7 will be released.

  2. I'm also waiting. I'm thinking Apple was waiting for Sandy Bridge to be released from Intel.

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