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Adjusted to Mail

I ditched Entourage in favor of Mail back in November, and despite some early frustrations, I think I'm finally getting the hang of it.

I now know where to put my cursor so that a backspace or forward space won't remove those bizarre quoting lines Mail uses.

I've come to find tremendous joy in pasting screenshots in without having them hit my desktop (the control key is your friend when taking screenshots).

I've used FastScripts - a tool I recommend often - to handle account switching with a keyboard shortcut.

Speaking of Red Sweater, MarsEdit's shift-cmd-d keyboard shortcut finally makes sense to me now. 😀

I think Mail and I might get along just fine after all. 😉

P.S. Someone should develop a plugin for Mail called "Alpha Mail." I don't care what it does, I might buy it just because it sounds cool.