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Got an Elliptical

LS13.0EWow. It was back in 2006 that Carey and I last looked for an elliptical machine.

Since then I've put on, well, about ten pounds only, and it's my sedentary winter time period, so it's not bad. But still, we'd like to do a little work from home.

After a fair amount of research, we narrowed the choice down to the Sole e95 and the Livestrong 13.0E. As you can tell, we settled on the latter. It's $400 less than the Sole and has a much lower Q Factor which, even in the store, was obviously better for Carey than the Sole model.

Apparently we can track our stuff online and a bunch of other hooey, but I don't know how much that matters, or how much we'll use it. The elliptical will go in the living room (when it arrives in a week) and will be used while we watch TV.

P.S. Justin…

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