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Got a Magic Trackpad

Magic TrackpadMy friend, co-worker, and partner Dave has been raving about his Magic Trackpad.

I'd finally heard enough and picked one up through a friend who also raved about his when I inquired.

Initial impressions? Eh. I like that I can use the thing while reclined, as a sort of "magic remote control," and I hear the battery life is phenomenal.

But I had to remove USB Overdrive for the first time in I don't know how many years, and I'm currently testing SteerMouse, because USB Overdrive is Graveware at this point and it doesn't work with the Magic Mouse or Trackpad.

More thoughts to come later. I'm going to give it time. I may also have to check out BetterTouchTool.

Update: Holy shit! What doesn't BTT do????

Update #2: Why don't option-touch-click and command-touch-click work 90% of the time, and why does dragging fail to release for what feels like a second? If there's a downfall to the Magic Trackpad, for me, these will be key players.

One Response to "Got a Magic Trackpad"

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