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Super Bowl Commercials Sucked

My one comment on the game itself: karma seems to have caught up with Ben and, unfortunately, it cost the rest of the team who didn't do whatever Ben did in a dirty Georgia bar… His two turnovers cost the Steelers the game ((Though the Packers may have won anyway if their receivers could have caught the ball.)).

The only good commercial of the night? This one:

And heck, I'd already seen that ad, so it wasn't even as good as it should have been.

Why are Super Bowl ads so shitty these days?

Comment seen somewhere:

That commercial was exponentially better than all of the stupid fucking Pepsi ads last night... Especially the one early where the white girl gets drilled in the head by a can of soda thrown by 2 black people... Could you imagine the backlash if the roles were reversed and a white couple hit a black woman in the head?? PepsiCo would be renamed JesseJacksonCo by now.

Uh, didn't think of that, but… yup.