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Stupid Flash

Stupid Flash

Adobe stinks.

And no, clicking "RETRY" does not help.

4 Responses to "Stupid Flash"

  1. Right Click on “Install Adobe Flash Player”->Show Package Contents->Contents->Resources->Launch “Adobe Flash Player.pkg”->Thank @bynkii

  2. Do you not like that the installer forces you to quit, or did it not quit for you when you clicked on the Safari button?

    BTW you will only get this dialog if the flash plug-in is running, so you must have had a page in Safari open with flash content playing back. if you didn't you won't get this dialog.

  3. Sven, Safari isn't running. The Flash Installer is too stupid to notice this despite hitting "Retry" ten times.

    1. Interesting, I've only been able to get that dialog to appear when the Flash plug-in is running. For most browsers that means anytime the browser is open (e.g. Firefox), but I've only been able to get that dialog to appear listing Safari when a page with Flash content is loaded in Safari. I wonder if something else on your system could possibly be using the plug-in. Or most likely as you stated, "stupid Flash" 🙂