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AimPoint Instructor Training – Day One

After spending three days in San Antonio, Dave and I boarded a flight at 2:30am local time (Las Vegas) and arrived just in time to wait for an hour at the Dollar car rental booth. 😉

Then it was off, past the strip, to TPC Summerlin to attend the first of three days of AimPoint training.

AimPoint is a system for reading greens. It's based on simple physics that govern how a ball actually rolls along a putting green. It asks that players estimate slope, find the straight putt (a putt aimed straight at the hole, not necessarily a putt with no break), and understand some simple geometry to correctly place themselves on the green.

The weather today was absolutely brutal - 50 with a chilly spitting rain that was often 30 MPH or more. It felt like it was below freezing. Dave and I visited the Adidas outlet to stock up on some more warm weather clothing.

As lousy as the weather was, the information was great. Quite frankly a lot of it hasn't sunk in yet, but we have two more days of training and I'm confident we'll be packed full of knowledge by Wednesday afternoon.