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AimPoint Instructor Training – Day Two

Wow, what a day.

We learned a fair amount of "stuff" in the morning session, a bit of which I already knew and a bit of which was totally new to me, but the afternoon sessions on the course were incredible.

Special thanks to Double-T for showing how to play while using AimPoint on the really long putts - a little mix of traditional greens reading blended with a whole lot of AimPoint.

It's clear to me now that the thing with which I'll struggle most, early on, is identifying the percent slope of the greens. This will be especially important to remember when I begin teaching AimPoint, as we've all been assured that we'll start to become really good at this.

General rule of thumb: at eight feet (because 8 feet is 96 inches), the inches above or below is the slope because 96 is close enough to 100 to approximate pretty well. A golf ball is 1.68 inches. And most greens except the really, really flat ones are 2%.

My group stayed on the golf course until 7:15pm, an hour or so after the other groups had gone in. The weather was nicer, but it gets cold in Las Vegas really, really fast when the sun goes down.