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It Gets Better Apple Video

Though this message is for the gay/lesbian folks out there, the core message applies to everyone:

I will admit I've not cared for the "special treatment" gays, lesbians, African Americans, etc. seem to want to get while declaring that they want "no special treatment." We have an NAACP, but an NAAWP would cause a shitstorm of epic proportions. It sucks that "CP" feel that they need an "NAA."

That said, I'm the least minority group there is (well, I am a Mac user, but equating computing platforms with being gay is as stupid as it sounds - or more so), so I can't know what these groups are going through. A big part of my "I don't want to hear about it" campaign is because I don't care… and by that I mean I don't care if someone's Asian or Lesbian or Jewish or whatever. It's inconsequential. They're just people.

I'm far from being the most enlightened person in the world, but also I doubt that I'm a big part of the problem.

Here's to hoping mankind in general becomes a more accepting . I doubt that Gays, Lesbians, different races and religions, etc. would need parades or groups or whatnot if everyone simply treated them as equals in the human race.

So if you watch the video, and it doesn't apply to you, consider that you might have had a hand in making someone the video does apply to need this type of video to help them get through life.

I hope not to have misspoken or been unclear. Executive summary: nobody really wants to feel "different" in this way, and if you're not "different" then don't make others feel that way.

2 Responses to "It Gets Better Apple Video"

  1. Can you elaborate on your view of "the 'special treatment' gays, lesbians seem to want to get"? I've heard this from a number of people and haven't seen it, but would like to know what other people see as special treatment.

  2. I think that all of these groups would, in a perfect world, not want to have to hold parades to raise awareness for their causes/groups/etc.

    I never hear about the trouble a man and woman have getting married and I imagine that gays and lesbians, for example, will welcome the day when they don't need "special treatment" to get married because it's simply allowed and viewed as "not a big deal."

    I don't begrudge these groups for feeling that they need to make news to push their cause. They probably have to. It bothers me that they have to, but they're not the ones causing the bother... it's the people standing in the way of equality that force that issue.

    It's like if you have two kids, and one breaks the toy of the other and starts screaming. The screaming is bothersome, and annoying, but the kid who broke the toy is truly the one at fault. If the kid would just mind his own business, you wouldn't have to hear the screaming.

    "Special treament" are nowhere near the best two words I could have used, but it's what I've got for the time being. Same for the analogy, which I have the feeling isn't great or even good, but again, it's what I've got for now.

    I just wish everyone got along and was treated as equals. I'm tired of hearing about the struggles of gays and lesbians, or African Americans or blacks, and just wish these problems were solved by now. Silly, I'm sure.