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Continued MobileMe Sync Issues

I'm having two issues with MobileMe's sync.

The first is that on my laptop I cannot remove "" from MobileMe. I don't know why - and Syncrospector fails to help me remove it. I've reset MobileMe as much as I can, cleared caches, etc.

Here are two screenshots that may help: MobileMe and Syncrospector.

Clicking "Clear" doesn't do anything and clicking "Unregister" results in an error message.

The second is with Transmit, and though I've emailed them twice, I've yet to get responses either time. My pre-selected "favorite" always "unselects" itself (it resets the preference to "None") when I launch it on my laptop. It will re-set it every time, despite clearing the prefs, re-syncing from both computers at various times, etc.

The former I'd like to solve. The latter I've almost learned to deal with.

2 Responses to "Continued MobileMe Sync Issues"

  1. You probably have thought of that already, but I'd create a new local account and try to also sync your mobileme account with that and see if that ghost entry still shows up.

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