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Magic Trackpad Battery Dead Already?

Magic Trackpad Battery

I just got the thing on February 4 and the battery is already dead? Great.

Then again, they were the junky no-name batteries. Perhaps a pair of Duracells will last longer than a few months.

3 Responses to "Magic Trackpad Battery Dead Already?"

  1. A few sets of Eneloops and a decent NiMH charger keep my Magic Mouse very happy.

  2. Personally, I like USBCELL AA batteries. Got two for about $20 a few years ago, and have been using them since for my wireless trackball and now my magic trackpad. Whenever they get low, I just slot them into the USB jacks on the side of my monitor and they're full after not too long.

  3. I use the super-special Apple rechargeable batteries and the Magic Trackpad still eats them up.