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Safari 5.1 Pages Not Responding

I hate hate hate hate this dialog box.

Safari Loading

I'm a HEAVY browser user. I'll have 50-100 tabs open at any given moment. I absolutely hate when Safari purges some from its memory to "make room" for others. Oftentimes the purged pages were:

  • Scrolled to a certain point on the page.
  • Had a form or some text I was in the process of filling out.
  • Had a movie loaded or some other sort of "state" that I wish to be preserved.

It's almost worth sticking with Snow Leopard and Safari 5.0 just to avoid this feature alone.

3 Responses to "Safari 5.1 Pages Not Responding"

  1. Why not switch to either Chrome or Firefox ?

  2. [quote comment="68038"]Why not switch to either Chrome or Firefox ?[/quote]
    I have philosophical differences with Chrome (the H.264 issue high on the list), and Firefox doesn't feel like a Mac application.

  3. If you enable Safari’s hidden Debug menu, you can turn off the on-by-default “Use Multi-process Windows” option.