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Steve Jobs Resigns

Perhaps the best way to consider the impact Steve Jobs has had on the lives of millions is to consider what the world would be like today if Gil Amelio had bought Be instead of NeXT back in 1996.

Then triple that, because Steve started Apple back in the 1970s, and without that there'd have been no Gil Amelio to sign off on the purchase of NeXT.

Then double that, because without Steve Jobs, Pixar was doomed to failure.

I met with Steve once. Even if you recreated the entire conversation I don't think he'd remember it. I spoke to him on the phone two times. He listened in while I talked to some lawyers a third time. He wouldn't remember those conversations at all, either.

Steve Jobs, more than any other person with whom I've interacted for less than 20 minutes, has had the most profound effect on my life as any other person in the history of humanity.

Good luck to Steve in his new roles, and thanks to him for all he's done.