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September 11 Memories

Everyone else is sharing their memories, but my memories of the day are fairly limited.

I was in South Florida - Delray Beach - at the time. When I was in college earlier in 2000-2001 I had seen the election with the "hanging chads" on the national news, and now here I was living in the place where terrorists lived and trained. It's an odd thing seeing your neighborhood grocery store on the nightly news, let alone twice in one year.

I remember it was a Tuesday, and since we were paid on the 15th, I stopped going in after that Friday, effectively quitting but having worked through a full work week.

My boss came in to my office, which I shared with Dave and Alison. Alison had family in NYC and she was trying to reach them. He said, after three planes had crashed and we knew full well what was going on, "My family's fine, so yours is too. Get back to work."

I remember working the full day - despite every other business having closed - and driving home. The drive home was the easiest ride home ever because nobody was outside and everybody had been sent home from work.

I went to my neighbor's house and we watched the coverage until 1am or so when we went to bed.

The most haunting image to me was the image of people jumping because they had no other choice.

The world is a very different place now than it was ten years ago.

One Response to "September 11 Memories"

  1. No doubt, 9/11 will always be remembered and forever, this is totally coming from someone who has been in a very similar situation watching his neighborhood over the news claiming suspects of this incident were trained there.