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Location Manager

Under Lion, what's the best/easiest way to automatically switch your Location (in the Network settings) based on where you are?

AirPortLocation is no longer being updated and while it worked "okay" it over-reached a bit and changed all sorts of stuff.

I may just make an AppleScript to do the two things I need (change desktops, change Network location, and the first is not really a must), but I could swear there was software out there to do this.


3 Responses to "Location Manager"

  1. I've been happy user of Sidekick (née NetworkLocation) for several years. It's a paid app, but well worth the $29 in my opinion.

    n.b.: I'm just a happy user, not a shill. I paid full price for the app, and would happily do so again.

  2. I previously tried

    but now that I have a mini, haven't had the need in a while.

  3. Paul, I've likely missed it, but Sidekick doesn't seem to have an action to change the LOCATION in my Network settings.