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2011 Family Golf Day at Orchard Ponds

Today was what may be, for a few years, an annual golf trip to Orchard Ponds. The idea is that we have a foursome comprised of Myself, Carey, Natalie, and Brandon. Natalie gets to play from the red tees on every hole, and will end up with a score.

This year got off to a rocky start, as Nat wasn't hitting the ball very well. It's to be expected - she hasn't practiced much this summer. After five holes and a few near breakdowns over shots that weren't really anywhere near as bad as she thought, I had to step in to help. Her scores on the last four holes were half that of the first five, and it simply required that she not stand up so completely straight at the end of her backswing.

In the end, finishing the way she did, she had a good time, and for at least another five or six years, that's what's most important about golf.

Nat Golfing