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Wireless Webcam?

Does this product exist, and if so, where? What's the best one?

I'd like a pair of webcams that:

  • Can connect to a WiFi network.
  • Can be plugged in to a standard power outlet.
  • Can somehow broadcast or upload video and/or frequent still images somewhere for viewing outside the local network.
  • Are reasonably priced.

In other words, I'd like to buy two webcams I can use to check in on a place I will not always be. What's out there?

3 Responses to "Wireless Webcam?"

  1. Reasonably priced may be an issue, at least the last time I looked.

  2. That depends on your definition of "reasonable." A few hundred dollars seems "reasonable" to me in this case. Is that your definition as well?

    For example, this or this might be all we need.

  3. My father just bought an Axis M1031-W and it's pretty awesome so far. It supports server push (works in mobile Safari) and RTSP for video, a very flexible configuration, overlays, privacy masks, motion detection (I didn't test it) and actions to be taken accordingly like uploading images or playing a warning sound (dogs barking, "you are being filmed and there is no point in destroying the camera because the pictures were already uploaded to a remote server", or your own).