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Steve Jobs : Hero

The word "hero" in terms of a leading graphic or image means a certain thing, but Apple's name for the image of Steve Jobs currently on the website is simply known as "t_hero.png" and one can't help but think that "hero" means something else entirely today.

Steve Jobs, Hero:

Steve Jobs : Hero

2 Responses to "Steve Jobs : Hero"

  1. Did you ever read about Dennis Ritchie?

    Without Ritchey and Thompson, Steve Jobs would likely have excelled at something different. It's interesting that both passed away within a few days. We celebrate the accomplishments of Jobs but ignore those of Ritchie, yet, without Ritchie, Jobs would not be a computing hero.

    Neither would Bill Gates or Linus Torvalds.

  2. Yes, I know who Dennis Ritchie is. I think it's a stretch to say that without Ritchie the entirety of computing wouldn't exist. Someone else would likely have developed a compiled language.