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iPhone -> Kid’s iPod Touch

That's the plan. The kiddo has already bought her case - an Otterbox one.

But the question remains: how do I "best" do this?

Ideally I'd like to preserve the games that we've already purchased (my wife and I have separate iTunes accounts, of course), but if that can't be done, we'll just have to re-buy a few. No big deal.

My concerns with just removing the SIM and giving the phone to El Kiddo that way are that she'll have my contacts, etc. and could (accidentally but quite seriously) muck some things up.

So really, I should probably set this up as an entirely new device for her. Right? She can get her own Apple ID and we can set up an allowance system for her, right?

Or perhaps we can do all of that but still download the apps we've already purchased before re-setting the iTunes account on the phone to be N's new one?

Any tips???

4 Responses to "iPhone -> Kid’s iPod Touch"

  1. A friend of mine had a iphone that become a ipod touch then proceeded to erase it. It then had the plug into itunes screen.

    They took it to a AT&T store and they just put a valid sim in it which activated the phone, they took the sim out and it remained in iPod Touch mode.

    Point being that I think you could do the same and erase it and I think you could do this with any AT&T SIM which is valid.

  2. Thanks Greg. What I've done to this point:

    • Set up both iPhones (Carey's and mine).
    • Wiped the iPhone 3GS that Kiddo will get. Re-activating it required putting the old SIM back in for literally four or five seconds.
    • Associated a new bogus email address to Kiddo's old Apple ID as I couldn't create an iTunes account sans credit card with her old Apple ID, which was using her "most official" email address.
    • Created a new Apple ID for El Kiddo which has no credit card associated with it.
    • Attempted to set up an Allowance of $10/month that was turned down. I filed a support request for that.
    • Set up Find My Friends for the kiddo's iPhone. It won't work except when she's at home or on a known network somewhere, I suppose. But oh well.
    • Signed in as me to the Apple Store and downloaded the games she played that I'd bought. Repeated as Carey. Then signed Carey out and signed her back in.
    • Updated the static IPs of the phones on the home network.
    • Charged the iPhone for El Kiddo and put it in her Otterbox.
  3. Isn't there this Home Sharing thing, to share music and apps between people of the same household? I never tried it, but I think it's the goal.

  4. [quote comment="68316"]Isn't there this Home Sharing thing, to share music and apps between people of the same household? I never tried it, but I think it's the goal.[/quote]

    I'm fairly certain it's just for music and just on the local (i.e. "Home") network.