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Lines and Bumpers and Screen Protectors and Cheesecake

Dave loaned me a Speck case (the Candyshell, I think, in black) to see if I wanted to get that kind. When he bought his iPhone 4, the AT&T guy told him it was the "best" case out there.

He uses it sometimes, but more often than not uses his black Apple Bumper.

Carey, the proud owner of a new White 16 GB iPhone 4S, also needed a case. She'd done some research but hadn't found a case she likes yet.

So we ventured forth to the nearest Apple store - 90+ minutes away in Buffalo, NY at the Walden Galleria. Her parents came along as well, and Nat sat in the back seat filming herself and playing games on her "new" phone-plan-less iPhone 3GS. We'd eat at the Cheesecake Factory later that evening.

I was somewhat surprised to see a line outside the store. Out of habit, we got in the line. After a minute or two, I said "you know, this line might not be an occupancy line, it might be for people who don't have their iPhone 4S yet…" We asked, I was right, and we walked in.

Carey ended up getting a Speck case that's two parts. I'd tried Dave's Speck and it made my phone feel like a brick. As in huge, large, cumbersome. I didn't doubt the protection it offered, but at what cost? My sleek iPhone 4S felt like a cell phone from the 1980s. Carey's Speck splits apart around the outside and does a great job of making the phone feel about as slim as it can be.

Me? I ended up paying $29 for a bright green bumper. It looks good around my black phone and I like the color green. I was tempted to get an orange one. Apple should sell a "collect all five" pack or something for a hundred bucks. It's lousy, but I'd buy it.

Carey also paid $15 and got a screen cover. We've each applied one (two came in the box). The display is not quite as great, though it's still pretty good, and I like the feeling more. I also like not having to wipe fingerprints off the screen all the time. I managed to line mine up just about perfectly, too. So that's nice. 🙂