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Apple’s Place in History with Siri

I saw something written somewhere I've long since forgotten, and I'm certain someone can clean this thought up quite a bit, but here it is:

Apple is arguably the pioneer in:

  • The mouse-driven UI
  • The touch-driven UI
  • The voice-driven UI

Siri, of course, is the last of those. One could make the case that every major advance in the way we interact with computers and devices has been driven by Apple.

4 Responses to "Apple’s Place in History with Siri"

  1. Apple is THE innovator in the computer industry. All others are followers. Anybody who thinks otherwise is not paying attention.

    1. GUI not by apple it was developed by xerox.

      Touch screen not by apple. It was developed by E.A. Johnson at the Royal Radar Establishment, Malvern, UK, around 1965 - 1967

      Speech recognition not by apple. Siri was bought by apple, furthermore edwin, Speaktoit, and iris (developed in only 8 hours) on android functions very similar. Speech recognition has been researched and improved upon over several decades by many companies.

      All Apple ever does is take an existing technology and polish it up. Then claim that they revolutionized the world with this "new" technology.

      Their OS is also borrowed. Here is a hint its a polished version of Unix.

      Not trying to hate, but all the lies make it hard not to.

      If you don't believe me do some searches on the above topics and get some education

  2. Dave, nobody said they were the original developers. I'm confident that both Daniel and I know our history just fine.

    Hate on all you want. It won't change history. 🙂

  3. Dave, Erik is right - I know the history of the industry. I have been a fan of NeXT (surely you know who that is) for over 20 years -- and in fact I own 3 NeXTs (2 stations and 1 cube). I am an OS X user because it is Unix.