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Ending AT&T’s Unlimited Data Plan

Carey and I were grandfathered in to AT&T's unlimited data plan. At $30 a month, it was a steal, particularly since we'd "only" get 2 GB of data if we downgraded to the $25/month plan.

And yet, I've done just that, saving us all of $10/month. Why? The answer is in the extended entry:

Data Usage

Most months we use a drop of data. My highest month I didn't even use 25% of the 2 GB, and that was a weird month that was preceded by the slowest, lowest month. I seriously think that a lot of the data I used in April was watching The Masters on the road. We did a golf school in North Carolina. So if you throw that month out I average well under 10% of 2 GB.

I am a little interested to see how Siri and iMessage will bump my data rates up, but I'm on wifi a lot of the time, so I don't expect much of a change.

I also "upgraded" our plans to the $30 Family Messaging Plan or whatever it's called. We were paying $20/month for unlimited texting on my phone and $10/month for unlimited texting on Carey's phone. Now for the same price we get unlimited texting, our third line gets free texting, and we can all call any mobile phone in the U.S. for free.

This is a smart move by AT&T given how many people will see a massive drop in the number of text messages. I almost never send a text now… Instead I send 200 iMessages per day.

One Response to "Ending AT&T’s Unlimited Data Plan"

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