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iPhone 4S Rattle

I'm a bit surprised by Apple at this. It's a "problem" on every (three) iPhone 4S I've tried. I can try it on a friend's iPhone 4, as well, but I suspect I'll see the same thing there.

The "problem" is this:

  1. Grab your iPhone 4S near the home button (bottom). Tap the back of the phone, near the top (camera lens). You'll hear a slight "buzzing" or rattling sound.
  2. Now tap the face or front side of the phone, again near the top by the front-facing camera. No buzzing. No rattling.

I've tried tapping the back while holding down all the buttons (volume, vibrate, power). I've plugged the headphone adapters in as well. In both cases the rattling seems diminished but doesn't disappear entirely.

With Apple's attention to detail, I'm surprised by this, but perhaps it's simply not something that can be resolved.

I first noticed this every time I'd set my phone down. I'd set it down face-up, naturally, and I'd hear the rattling each time.

The bumper case doesn't help. Nor does my wife's Speck. Nor does removing the case(s).

6 Responses to "iPhone 4S Rattle"

  1. I noticed that rattling too. I noticed it when tapping near the bottom left of the front side (like typing on the on-screen keyboard).

    My iPhone has a faulty microphone too (people can't hear me). Until now I assumed that this rattling was related to the microphone problem.

    I have an appointment at the genius bar tomorrow. Let's see what the geniuses say to that.

  2. Martin, that seems to be a different rattle than the one I'm talking about. The one I'm talking about is near the top of the devices I've tested it with. It definitely sounds like you have a little problem with the mic though.

  3. I got my iPhone exchanged today. Microphone works now. The rattle is still the same.

    I get the rattling when tapping the phone at the top near the camera and at the bottom left to the home button on the front. (opposite sides of the phone)

  4. if you focus on something really close and then tap the phone it goes away its the lens !hope this helps

  5. For what it's worth, my 2nd iPhone 4 (bought this June) rattles the same way as your 4S.

    My first one (from last November, now sadly stolen) did not have such an issue.

  6. I've got three iPhone 4s one for me my wife and my kid I've when back to the apple store and trade mine for one that didn't have a rattle but after three day of using it there it was but like i said before its just the lens in side the cam there little arms that push and pole the cam thats what hitting the side of the casing in side the iPhone i had a friend take his apart just to find it lol but all is good won't hurt just make it fun for the baby lol