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Couch to 5K? Or 10K?

I've long said that I really don't like running. I still don't - it's hard on the knees, sucks during the winter in Erie, and is pretty boring. I'd opt for inline skating - easier on the knees and more interesting because you can go farther - but if you can't run in Erie you really can't skate in Erie.

But, I'm not getting any younger or any more in shape, and living the life of a programmer/golf instructor isn't exactly the most active lifestyle. I'm not fat, but I could lose ten pounds and my endurance could certainly stand to get a boost.

And with the treadmill we have downtown and the elliptical (I've used it about 30 times, but zero times in the past few months as I've been at the Golf Evolution building a lot and working on catching up when I've been home. The fitness room has both an elliptical and a treadmill. And a recumbent bike, too.

It seems that the easy choice is to buy the Couch to 5K app and go from there. But there's a Couch to 10K app, and I think I can learn to jog six miles in the course of a quarter of a year. It's a 13-week program.

I'd prefer not to spend $2.99 twice if I can spend it once, and the OCD side of me doesn't want to "start" in week five should I "go beyond" the 5K. So, is there any reason to get the 5K over the 10K? Am I overestimating my abilities?

6 Responses to "Couch to 5K? Or 10K?"

  1. Have used both C25K and Bridge to 10K. Both are good.

    Would also recommend:

  2. I would start with the 5k. I think after you've used the 5k and your body has adjusted to running, you can pace yourself without the aid of an app. I'm no spring chicken myself and I used to run alot and now I try and cross train to ease the wear and tear on the body, mainly swimming and cycling.

  3. menevets, I think the thing with going with the 5K app is that it'll be a bit slower than I might want. Both are 13-week programs, right? So I can be prepared to run 10K after 13 weeks or 5K… if I'm capable, I should choose 10K, right?

    Otherwise I agree with you. If I can pace myself for a 5K I should be able to extend it from there.

    Edit: Couch to 5K is a nine-week program. Carey bought it. Maybe I'll just install her copy on my iPhone and use it.

  4. Yes, if you're adjusting faster than the program, get the 10K.

    I personally the perfect running distance is whatever you can cover in half an hour is. 6.1 miles is alot to be doing on a daily basis but that depends on the body. People who train for a marathon think that is not much, but I tend to lean on the side of running is really hard on the body philosophy. Definitely stretch though and stay alert for any signs of RSI.

    There's an interesting article in the NYTimes recently about barefoot running. Call me old fashioned, but I'm sticking with running shoes for now.

  5. Thanks… I ran Week 1, Day 1 last night. Averaged, with the walking, under 10 minutes a mile. So that's probably okay - I'll just run out the 5K program and skip to week five of the 10K app if I still enjoy running then. 😉

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