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Donating to My College

My college (Ohio Northern University) is not a state college. And I've still got student loans that I'm paying off to the tune of a few hundred bucks a month.

Nor do I have a few spare million dollars lying around.

Why on earth would I donate money to them?

College is a business. I paid what I considered a fair price, they provided what they were contracted to provide. Are they banking on the nostalgia they hope I have for where I spent my time for a few years? If that's the case I'd be more inclined to donate to the high school I went to. Unlike my college, they could probably use the money.

One Response to "Donating to My College"

  1. I'm not sure about the rationale either. I went to a college prep high school, and they are constantly sending me requests for donations. The only way I would give them any money would have been if I had a son that attended there. Even then, I think their tuition rates are sky high, and we probably couldn't afford it.

    I understand the fundraising is an important part, even for state schools, but don't send everyone a solicitation expecting a multi-million dollar grant. I'd bet that, in your case, they are hoping that when your done paying off your student loans, the nostalgia will get you to at least donate a portion to the school.