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Fall TV Shows You Like?

Anyone got any new TV shows they like?

For example, I currently have eight old episodes of Prime Suspect. Can't make myself watch them. I've heard good things, but…

I'm getting tired of watching House. Every week it's the same: six or eight missed diagnoses and then magically as the patient is nearly dead, the correct one. And it's not like the diseases are ever all that far-fetched.

3 Responses to "Fall TV Shows You Like?"

  1. Homeland is, by far, the best new drama I watch. It's on Showtime, though, so if you don't have that... I would say it would be worth it to try to find some way to watch it.

    The other new one that I've gotten hooked on is Person of Interest on CBS.

  2. I second Person of Interest.

  3. Comedies: New Girl is very funny. Suburgatory isn't bad, either. Note that I rarely watch sitcoms. These two plus Modern Family are the only ones I've watched in many years.

    Drama: American Horror Story is surprisingly good.

    Terra Nova, Pan Am, and Once Upon a Time are watchable, but not great.

    Otherwise I'm mostly just watching the same stuff as last year. I agree that House has been disappointing this season. It's getting stale and nothing they've done this year has improved it. The new people are boring and the show has become even more formulaic than before. I still watch it, though. The interaction between House & Wilson is still pretty funny.