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Running Form and 100 Up Training

A mini brain dump on running form, something that I've found fairly interesting as of late…

1. Good article on 100 Up training. It sounds like something I can do on my off days from Couch to 5K.

2. An article from Running Times on stride length, the "pawback" move, and running form in general.

3. I shot high-speed video of myself running around at Golf Evolution. On the left I'm demonstrating poor form (though with my knee flexed and my initial strike occurring not that far forward, it's not terrible), and on the right, I'm almost over-doing a fore-foot strike:

Running Form

I've spared you all the several photos I made with measured angles and lines and whatnot, all done in Analyzr Pro.

Running Form4. I've submitted an email to two people who might be helpful in launching a little online venture that could work out quite nicely. My expectations are low but hopes are in the mid-range. 🙂

5. A nice article on pronation. I pronate, perhaps a bit too much, but seeing as how I've always done it I'm not too worried about it.

6. An article on transitioning to trails. If I keep running, I think I'd eventually like to get into trail racing. It strikes me as far more interesting.

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