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GPS Software for Mac OS X

While SportTracks is king in Windows land, there seem to be two available for Mac OS X:

Ascent looks pretty nifty but also doesn't seem to be updated frequently. Though if you look at the release notes, 1.11.8 was updated on October 11, 2011, which isn't that long ago. Their forum really doesn't give any indication that it's often updated or being used by too many people.

TrailRunner looks a bit more "Mac-like" and has a nicer looking website. It also appears to be "shareware" in the old sense: it's free but you're welcome to donate if it's good. That said, the graphing seems to be a little less thorough with this than Ascent, but perhaps I just haven't explored the demo enough. The FAQ is extensive and explains the "shareware" nature of the app.

Now I just need the Garmin 610 and one of these apps and I'll be set! Uhhh, you know, in March or so. Maybe a nice birthday gift. 🙂

8 Responses to "GPS Software for Mac OS X"

  1. [...] I'll pick up a Garmin wrist watch when I'm done with C25K and need to begin tracking my own runs (hence my post yesterday on GPS apps for the Mac). I may make some "running buddies" (I have 15 or so on DailyMile now, only one or two of which [...]

  2. check out you can log runs (and cycling) with a smartphone or Garmin. Nice social features let you get motivated through others ...

    DailyMile is another good for either manual entry / logging or via Garmin or Nike+ sync.

  3. Thanks Jonathan for the suggestion. It turns out I'm on DailyMile and RunKeeper already. They're pretty good for websites!

    I was investigating GPS software for the desktop because I'm interested in tracking more than is capable on some of the websites: intervals (that I can define), heart rates, cadence data, etc.

  4. check out MyTracks for Android

  5. [quote comment="68683"]check out MyTracks for Android[/quote]
    Why? Did you read the post?

    1. I did. My tracks does the majority of what you want to track, but maybe not as clean as you want to see it?

      I can track distance, altitude, average speed, mapping, etc

      Weight tracking is that useful IMO. Weight goes up with more muscle & diet is equally important.

    2. [quote comment="68706"]I did.[/quote]

      The title of the post includes "for Mac OS X."

  6. [...] and website are pretty cool and show a good amount of performance data. I may look into the GPS software I mentioned before as well so that I can have an offline collection of data. And apparently some folks really like an [...]