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The Nod, and When Running

"The Nod" is something men seem to understand. "The Nod" is the way we recognize each other, say "hello" without goofily waving our hands in the air like a schoolgirl, and it demonstrates many things, including respect, an understanding, acknowledgment, etc.

Women don't seem to understand the nod, or for whatever reason, choose not to nod. And that's okay, because a man doesn't have to feel like a schoolgirl when waving to a woman, though the wave will tend to be somewhat less subdued.

When running, I've discovered that nobody nods. Or if they do, you can't tell because they're moving around and you're moving around enough. So, though this may be the only place this occurs, "The Nod" takes a back seat to a small, barely noticeable wave when two runners wish to acknowledge one another. And again, when one is a female, the man may wave slightly more exuberantly.

At least, that's how it all seems to me. 😉