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Sprint’s Commercials about Limiting the iPhone

Sprint has been running commercials lately about their unlimited data plans for the iPhone. The tag line has been something about "bet you don't realize how much data you actually use."

Guess what? I bet most people don't realize how little data they use.

Since I reset my phone on October 14, I've sent 76.4 MB and received 179 MB. That's it. This seems to be consistent with my earlier numbers.

Yes, I'm on wifi a good portion of the day, but so are many people. Unless you're watching Netflix constantly on your phone - and away from wifi - I don't know how likely it is that you're going to surpass 2 GB.

I remember AT&T said that something like 5% of people use more than 1 GB of data per month, but that 5% accounted for 95% of the data used on its network.

Odds are you're not in that 5%. Sprint scare tactics? Don't pay more than you have to, folks. Check your data usage and choose a plan that gives you a comfortable, not an excessive, amount of room.