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Happy Blogiversary

Today marks the start of my tenth year of blogging.

Since this post I've lost a dog and one awesome friend, but gained a daughter, a wife, and two good friends. I've moved twice and purchased one home. I've lost two girlfriends that struck me as potential marriage material but re-gained an old friend that quickly became a marriage of over 6½ years.

I've bought one new car for myself, and two for my wife ((When I say "I" here I mean "we", but "we" didn't seem to flow very well.)). I've gone on what I would call a true vacation exactly once.

I've still got roughly the same amount of hair, but I've gained ten pounds and lost five since 2002.

I've had anywhere between three to ten jobs, depending on what you call a "job."

I've launched several online ventures and several companies. One was sold, another closed. The rest are still around and, ostensibly, doing okay.

I've been happier than I am right now, but I've been much, much more depressed as well.

I'm much, much better with my money now. I'm much less of a jerk ((Still quite a ways to go, I imagine! :-D)).

And I've blogged every day. My blog was really popular for awhile among Mac folk, but through it all I've blogged just for me.

One Response to "Happy Blogiversary"

  1. Congratulations on your almost decade of blogging! Looking forward to reading what the next ten years bring.