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iTunes Match NRFPT

I signed up for iTunes Match earlier today.

Since then, I've downloaded (replaced) exactly one song, and I've spent an hour or so searching the Web for "iTunes Match error 4001" and "iTunes Match error 4010" and so on. I've tried some of the tricks, I've set up a smart playlist, and I'm still just sitting here at Step 1 in the iTunes Match section of iTunes.

iTunes Match is, as they used to say, NRFPT ((Not Ready For Prime Time)). That's disappointing. It's the first thing from Apple in a long while that didn't "just work."

iTunes Error

If this doesn't start working by the end of the day on Monday, I'm going to seek a refund.

5 Responses to "iTunes Match NRFPT"

  1. No idea what the error means … iTunes Match has worked perfectly for me. (I've been using it since the late beta versions.)

  2. iTunes match has been working well for me since launch (I used it starting with the first beta, but the library was reset several times so I doubt that's a factor), although I did just recently get moaned at by iTunes for having a version that was too old (10.5.1 build 41, the public release was 42).

    I'm guessing you've tried disabling iTunes match (if needed), iTunes Genius, and then turning them on in reverse order? I'm also guessing you've already contacted the iTunes Store for help.

  3. iTunes 10.5.2 was just released, and apparently it has some fixes for iTunes Match. So I guess you should try that.

  4. I downloaded 10.5.2 but the first time around it gave the same errors. I turned the settings off and on in this order:

    - Match Off
    - Genius Off
    - Genius On
    - Match On

    We'll see how that goes. Match is currently doing step 1 (which seems to take quite awhile).

    Update: Error 4010. This sucks.

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