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Merry Christmas 2K11

I know, the K really doesn't do anything post-2009, but whatever. 🙂

This year, another low-key Christmas. Still at our house, but once again, snacks instead of a "meal." Meatballs, crackers, cheese, veggies, some ice cream later at night.

Nat got a Kinect, because despite her saying "no, I don't want one" I told Carey to get one anyway because I figured she'd change her mind. She did - a week later - and we didn't give the Kinect to her until she sweated it a little and said she was disappointed in what she got. Next year, we feed the hungry or something, because it's starting to get a bit silly.

I got some running stuff we'd bought the week before at the Adidas outlet. And entirely too many chocolate covered cherries. 🙂 I've dubbed it Project Fatty, but that's okay. I plan to see how long they can sit on my desk before I eat them.