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I've transferred my domains from GoDaddy to the registrar I used the guide from Jeff Epstein and thus probably gave him a buck or two in referral fees. I saved about $1.90 per domain by using the coupon code SOPAsucks, as mentioned on the NameCheap Coupons site.

The one step that's not listed in Jeff's guide? Turning off WHOIS protection if you have DomainsByProxy enabled. This caused the denial of half of my domain transfers. A quick live chat with a NameCheap support agent cleared that up, though, and impressed me in the process.

I don't really care about shooting elephants. I don't really care about how a company chooses to advertise. Even the brouhaha over SOPA wasn't really enough to cause me to transfer my domains. But it's death by a thousand cuts, and GoDaddy's dead to me now.