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Ordered an iPod Nano and TikTok

I held off on getting a Tik-Tok and an iPod Nano a few months ago because I didn't see the point of having a watch that wasn't on most of the time.

And earlier today I ordered a green iPod Nano and a Tik-Tok (the less expensive one). Why? Because the 1 GB iPod Shuffle I've got (it's Carey's, but she never uses it) doesn't respond to the headphone remote, and if I'm going to listen to music when I run, I need the controls.

It doesn't hurt that 8 GB is standard and I can't fit the 223 songs currently in my "Running" playlist on the 1 GB iPod Shuffle without downsampling them to 128 kbps.

One Response to "Ordered an iPod Nano and TikTok"

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