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Comments? Always On

I find the mental masturbation over commenting lately boring.

Comments are on here because I often ask questions and people answer. Sometimes people make corrections or suggestions. Sometimes they tell me a funny story, or contribute to the topic, or an old friend will get in touch after I haven't talked to them in awhile.

Spam isn't a big concern and moderation takes almost no time at all.

In short, there are almost no "cons" and lots of "pros." So, as always, comments are on here at NSLog();. Though I get far, far fewer than I used to when I was writing more specifically about Apple/Mac topics, the ones I do get are just as good.

I don't think it's about humility at all. Commenting is easier for a lot of people. I'll comment on people's blogs when I want to ask a question that doesn't warrant a response. Or when they ask a question. Or when I simply want to say "Nice job" or "Great photo!"