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Blood Type Known, 1BandID Ordered

I've ordered my 1BandID now that I know my blood type: O+.

In the United States, 0+ is the most prevalent blood type, with 37.4% of the population, narrowly edging out A+ at 35.7%.

I wonder if the blood bank is going to pester me to donate frequently.

I'll snap some pictures and post again when I get it. Total cost was $17.99 due to the use of one of the many coupon codes available online, which saved me two bucks.

O+. I feel good about that, oddly, even though it's just genetic luck.

BTW, I've considered - off and on again a few times - becoming a "Pro" at DailyMile. But I'm somewhat concerned that in the six months they've had the "Pro" feature nothing's been added to it. The "Pro" page has said "soon, we'll be extending this to profile themes" since it launched, as has "More to come.." (only two periods, not an ellipsis, oddly).

I love the site, and I'll probably ditch RunKeeper and Fitocracy soon (blah to both of them), but at this point I'd almost rather donate $10, get a small "Donator" or "Supporter" badge for a year or six months, and no extra features. $50 is a healthy chunk of change.

I will note that soon Pro membership #404 will be available. Tempting… 😉

Update: Late last night I got this email. Emphasis added:

Happy New Year! Thank you so much for your help in making dailymile such a great place in 2011. We had an incredible year: you guys logged over 6,250,000 miles! (That's double last year's number.) We've been working very hard since the second half of 2011 on a new version that we're very excited to be launching this year. More details on that in the coming months. We wish you all the best in 2012 and look forward to logging many more miles with you!

3 Responses to "Blood Type Known, 1BandID Ordered"

  1. We've been really busy working on the next phase of dailymile. It should be released in the new few months. It'll also include some additional PRO features. Sorry for the delay!

  2. Well Kelly, you may have just tipped it for me. I'm in software too so I assure you I'm taking your estimated timeline very loosely, but I think that once #403 is bought, I'll be next in line and will buy #404. 🙂

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