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U.S. Olympic Marathon Qualifying

Predictably, Meb Keflezighi won in 2:09:08, with Ryan Hall at 2:09:30 and Abdi Abdirahman at 2:09:47. Their ages are 36, 29, and 33.

The runners from Team USA Minnesota finished as follows:

Andrew Carlson took 6th at 2:11:24.
Jason Lehmkule in 18th at 2:14:35.
Matt Gabrielson and Josh Moen either quit or didn't start.

Just to put into perspective how fast these guys are running, and rounding up to 2h10m pace, that's one mile every 4.96 minutes, or nearly 12.1 MPH. Running. For 26 miles 385 yards. I'm not sure I could run that fast for 30 seconds.