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1BandID Arrived


The 1BandID I ordered after learning my blood type and first talked about on December 26 has arrived.

It's just about exactly as I imagined, and it fits comfortably on my watch band, so I'm likely never to run without it - even indoors at the Y where my ID is likely to be in a locker right downstairs. I've noticed no differences in terms of comfort or fit, and the color is bright enough to attract attention should someone plow into me with their car and render me unconscious or a babbling idiot or something.

You can save $2 on a 1BandID if you use the coupon code "erik93761" at checkout. With free shipping that comes to $17.99. Not bad for the peace of mind it offers. I get nothing out of it, but I used someone else's coupon code and I'm passing on the savings. With that $2, you can buy, uhhh, a bottle of water for after your run.

One Response to "1BandID Arrived"

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