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Off to Florida for the PGA Show

I'm off to Florida shortly. We have an early flight but arrive before noon with a layover in Cleveland. Our return flights next Monday night will take us through Philadelphia.

We're going in part to announce something called "5 Simple Keys" as well as to exhibit at the PGA Merchandise Show. I'll have more to say about 5SK in coming weeks and months, because it will be and has been a big part of my professional life.

But for now, despite the weirdly warm weather we've had in Erie, I'm looking forward to getting to Florida. Highs for the week are in the 70s. I've packed two pair of running shoes and will run at least a mile a day while I'm down there, despite standing and walking around the Orange County Convention Center three days straight.

It will be great to meet up with some people I've only talked to on Twitter, as well as some people I've previously met but have only talked to online since the last time we met.