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Got a RoadID Also

I guess the RoadID folks had heard enough about me talking about my 1BandID. They sent me a nice coupon for a RoadID Elite and so I ordered one. It arrived while I was in Florida, and it looks like this:


At this point I still prefer the 1BandID. I'm more likely to take it with me since it's attached to my watch. However, the RoadID is nice simply for the reason that I don't need my watch all the time. If I go hiking or take the kayak out, I might not wear my Garmin Forerunner 610.

It's a bit loose on my wrist, but I'm hesitant to cut one more of the "links" off in case it goes from just a bit loose to just a bit tight. The ID portion itself is interchangeable and slides (I've moved it to get both it and the latch in the photo at the same time), and I have a green band (I wish it was brighter green) that I am keeping safe for now. The latching mechanism is like a watch's and works nicely. The entire ID is pretty lightweight and feels just fine on.

So, 90% of the time I'll probably wear the 1BandID, and 10% of the time I'll wear the RoadID. Maybe I'll wear both in case one of my arms is severed. 🙂