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Ten New System Changes in Mountain Lion

Last one on Mountain Lion for awhile. Promise.

Ten exciting system changes in Mountain Lion:

  1. Sharing, sharing, everywhere (meh)
  2. Many computers, one account (Does that mean I can sync Keychains again?)
  3. iCloud-y documents (meh)
  4. Screen sharing: Now with draggable files (Good. I'll use that.)
  5. Multi-disk backup (Can't hurt. I should get another disk.)
  6. One-stop software updating (eh, okay)
  7. Accessibility (didn't even care enough to type the whole title)
  8. Picturesque screen savers (meh, I turn the screen off when I'm away)
  9. Gesture simplification and key commands (I always like good key commands)
  10. Dashboard gets some love (meh)

Overall: meh. Whatevs. 🙂