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Red Wine Drinker

I've decided that, three or four times a week, I'd like to drink a small glass of red wine (finishing off one bottle per week). I'll drink late at night when I'm sitting on the couch to watch a little TV (typically around 11 or 12) as I settle down before going to bed. I've read enough good things about how a little alcohol can be overall pretty good for you, and among those, dry red wines seem to be the favored methods (and my favorite kind of wine to boot).

I'll start with two bottles (and thus two weeks) of Malbecs. I think they cost about $10 locally, which is fine. I don't think I'll ever turn into a wine guy per se, but I will probably find brands and mixes that I like. Of course, I hope to support some local wineries as well, but I think they make a lot of the sweeter wines, like pink catawba and stuff like that.

I welcome any and all suggestions and comments. Maybe there's a reasonable "wine of the month" or "wine of the week" club out there.

2 Responses to "Red Wine Drinker"

  1. Malbecs are good. I would also suggest shiraz, syrah, and Apothic Red as well.

  2. February 26 was Monday. It's now Friday and I haven't started yet. 😛 Maybe later tonight.