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Found a MarsEdit Bug when Setting a Different Date

Aha! I've finally figured out why MarsEdit will sometimes post something as "today" when I change the date to a few days ago.

Here are the steps:

  1. cmd-opt-L ((No shift - capital "L" shown only so it doesn't look like I or |.))
  2. Tab, type the number "3" (changing "8" to "3" for the date)
  3. Press enter or return.

The problem? The cell doesn't end editing so the date never changes from "8" to "3." I'd imagine it's possible to send an "end editing" message when the "Set Date" button is pressed, but maybe calendar widgets don't give you that chance. I imagine they do.

The work-around for now is to hit tab once more after changing the date, then press return.