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iPad 3 – I’ll Probably Pass

In the weeks leading up to the event, I'd mentally prepared myself to finally buy an iPad.

I think now I'm leaning the other way, towards still not owning an iPad.

We're a family of three, and we have more iPods than I can count (I regularly use three myself if you include the one that's hooked up permanently in my car), three iPhones (and a few sitting on a shelf), four Macs (Mac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Air, 12" PowerBook), and so on.

I'm finding that, given the size and weight of the MacBook Air, I simply never find myself needing an iPad. I like having an actual keyboard. I like having more storage space, access to my DropBox files, etc.

The only things currently in my "Pros" column are "can stream DirecTV to my desk so I can watch TV while I work" (you could argue I should just buy a Slingbox) and "can play some more games on it that I can't really play on my iPhone."

I guess I'll wait for the iPad 4.

P.S. I'd have probably ordered if iOS for the iPad had multiple user support.