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200+ Miles Running

202 MilesI've now run over 200 miles, and the picture to the right says "202" right now (201.89 miles).

Here's a weekly look at my mileage. The "1" on week 1 is due to the fact that DailyMile weeks start on Mondays and January 1 was a Sunday. 🙂 The gap came when I took ten days off to rest my calves. Something, it turns out, I may be doing a bit more of now.


I've lost around 15 pounds, conservatively, and even people who see me fairly frequently have commented on how much thinner I look. I'm still eating largely the same - I simply eat smaller portions and mix in a few healthier choices when possible. My legs, which always had decent "muscle memory" in terms of definition, are now even more defined. The upper body, well, it's slimmer. I'm working with a personal trainer too on developing and maintaining at least a little core and upper body strength.

All told, yay. Happy to be past 200 miles!